6G COOL Smart Solutions for Better Health and Beautiful Skin

Air pollution causes wrinkles and premature ageing

Doctors warn that some common skin care routines, such as scrubs, may even worsen the damage caused by air pollution. The facial skin is thin and sensitive.

Air pollution and health

Particles smaller than 10 micrometers in diameter can not only enter the lungs, but are also able to pass into the bloodstream. In the bloodstream these particles are carried to various organs provoking chronic inflammatory reactions, which are believed to lead to diseases.

6G COOL is your personal protection device

6G protects you from airborne threats by creating a clean air breathing zone. Simultaneously, it protects your sensitive facial skin from harmful air pollutants. Thus, in one unit, you have a personal health enhancing and anti-ageing device, ready to deliver you clean air whenever and wherever you are.

Stay young and healthy with your personal 6G COOL

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